15 June 2009

Wait... why are you in Europe?

Courtney's reasons to flee the country:

  1. What else do you do with a French degree if you're from the Midwest?
  2. The natural tendency of us young twenty-somethings to think we know what's good for us.
  3. France wants to give me money and health insurance.
  4. Boredom?

Here is a little description of the program that I am participating in from the French Embassy's Cultural Services website:

Teach English in France! The French Ministry of Education and the Cultural Services at the Embassy of France offer approximately 1,500 teaching assistant positions in French primary and secondary schools as well as, in various French teaching colleges –the "Instituts universitaires de formation des maĆ®tres (IUFM)". This is a truly unique opportunity for young American citizens to not only gain valuable teaching experience but also spend between 6-9 months in France or in one of its overseas departments ("DOM"). It thus facilitates the mastery of the French language through linguistic immersion while allowing, at the same time, for a privileged insight into contemporary France.

Basically, I will be getting a stipend every month (which should be enough for survival) to act as a teaching assistant in a French school in the education academy of Versailles.

Clearly I'm excited. I mean, I have a countdown at the top of this page to the very second that my plane departs from Detroit Metro (like a plane would ever leave at the scheduled time anyway). But it's a good thing that I have a couple thousand hours until then because I have a lot of preparation to accomplish in a short amount of time.

Here's a picture of my shiny new luggage:

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