25 June 2009

What would you miss?

What I will miss about the American life:
  1. Being able to do simple things like ordering a pizza without dealing with a language barrier... though that isn't always true here, either!
  2. Living close to my family and friends
  3. A sense of urgency in customer service
  4. Meijer
  5. BBQs (though becoming more popular, there's nothing like an American BBQ)
  6. Griffin's games and Michigan football games
  7. Peanut butter
  8. Smiling and saying "hi" to people who I pass on the street
  9. Fully functional and (relatively) sanitary public restrooms (toilet paper included)
  10. My puppy!
  11. Thursday nights on NBC: The Office and 30 Rock
  12. Barack Obama
  13. Long hot showers for free

What I look forward to in France:
  1. Not having to drive or pay for gas
  2. Escaping the West Michigan Winters
  3. Delicious, decadent, food perfection
  4. Surrounding myself with beautiful architecture, history, and culture
  5. Not tipping at restaurants
  6. A regular salary and paid vacations!
  7. Being employed in general
  8. Having the ability to easily travel to some of the most amazing cities on earth by train
  9. Using the metro daily
  10. Ameliorating my French
  11. Making lesson plans and teaching English
  12. Wine, cheese, and baguette picnics
  13. Espresso
  14. Learning my way around the city of lights
  15. People coming to visit!

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