19 February 2010

I must say, this was one of the most productive weeks I've had in quite a long time. It was fabulous.

Though I knew it would happen, I had my first article published on the website for which I am writing for my internship and it was a big boost of self confidence. I would write about the weird things that go through my head all day if someone would pay me for it, but apparently I'll even do it without pay... because I just did.

I also studied a lot for the GRE, cooked dinner with miss Kelsy on Monday, attended my Convo group, went to a Mardi Gras celebration, saw the movie "Valentine's Day", celebrated Alexis's birthday at a delicious Italian restaurant right next to the Tour Eiffel, oh yeah... and I worked a little, too.

As of four hours ago when I left the ugly green gates of Ecole Primaire Jean Mace I am officially on a two-and-a-half week vacation. Tomorrow Alexis, Julie, and I leave for our road trip through France! We barely have anything planned for our trip so it is going to be an excellent adventure. Hopefully this adventure will include cute French villages, wine tasting in Bordeaux, sunshine, Spaniards, delicious food, and great memories. With my road atlas of France in hand I am ready to take off!

Caitlin and me at dinner

Tim holding Flat Sylvia for her Eiffel Tower photo op in front of the restaurant.

Birthday girl Alexis and the ginormous Parmasean cheese wheel!

The adorable Alana and Lauren at dinner

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  1. Hey there! I must say, I love this blog and your other "Fille Américaine" one as well. I stumbled upon the latter while at work, and whiled quite the hours away...anyway, I'll be an assistant this year in Paris, and studied abroad there as well. I'm very interested in internships in Paris, and just saw you had one. I'd love to know more! I'll leave my email with you, and would love to hear from you! Merci beaucoup!

    gowri.v.chandra [at] gmail.com