27 February 2010

La belle France.... An International Road Trip

Okay, so... this past week my wonderful friends Alexis, Julie and myself embarked on a road trip in France. It was the most spontaneous, adventurous, versatile, and wonderful trip I have ever been on.

We started in Paris (of course) and hit the following cities/towns:
  • Montresor (a small medieval town with an amazing Chateau and a beautiful view)
  • Bordeaux
  • Saint-Emillion (wine making region of Bordeaux for a wine tasting tour and a tour of a 8th century underground church!)
  • Biarritz (surfing capitol of Europe)
  • San Sebastian, Spain (adorable Spanish city on the Atlantic)
  • Toulouse (lively city in the south of France)
  • A small town north of Toulouse with prehistoric cave paintings!

Atlas is opened and we're ready to take off...

Chez nous: Chateau in Montresor, France. This is the little blue machine that made it all possible...

Cheateau in Montresor. When we arrived the curator said "Let me open the Chateau for you girls". It's the first, but hopefully not last time that anyone has said that to me!

Group shot in Montresor...

These pictures are out of order, but this is on Monday morning in Biarritz, France. We were so happy to finally see the ocean after spending so much time in rainy and cold Paris!

We couldn't have been happier when the sun came out in Biarritz on Monday. We ate breakfast outside at a cafe facing the ocean. Life is good :)

My purse posing for a picture on the rocks in Biarritz.

San Sebastian, Spain. The sun sets on one side of the island and not the other.

Top Secret photo from our top secret personal tour in San Sebastian. We couldn't have picked a better hotel!

San Sebastian, Spain.... do we have to go back to Paris? Really?

My first dry martini.... holy strongness! Took us about 2 hours to finish one drink.

San Sebastian, Spain.

After climbing a mountain because the Funicular is closed on Wednesdays. The Spanish aren't much more logical than the French... but we still made it to the top for the view.

Hotel de Ville in Toulouse, France. Some of the most beautiful artwork I have ever seen...and it's in the city hall? Unexpected!

City Hall in Toulouse, France. I told you it was beautiful!

Driving up the side of a mountain in the south of France. Pictures cannot capture how absolutely amazing this was.

A little town built into the side of a mountain in France.

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