22 September 2009

Story of Berlin, bitte

After a five day trip to Berlin filled with kilometers upon kilometers of walking, delicious food and drink, and a very clean hostel, Ryan and I returned to Paris this evening. Germany, or at least its capital city, really grew on me, and I even learned quite a few German words (potential 3rd language?)!

Despite the fact that I had a TON of fun in Berlin, I must say that it's good to be back in a country where I can understand more than the 100 or so words that I learned in German.

On the first day of Berlin travel we woke up at 4:30 am to catch a cab to the airport. Boooo... but we had no travel problems-- save for the drunk man who sat next to us on the plane and would NOT wake up when we arrived. I literally had to shake him. An old french man on our flight kept telling me "Donnez des bisous!". I said no thanks. Soooo a couple hours later we were walking through Mitte and took some pictures at the Brandenburg gate. A lot of WWII drama went down here:
Oh but I forgot to mention that the first thing I did in Germany (well the 2nd... the first thing we did was miss our train from the airport to Berlin, but had that not happened this other thing would not have been possible) was eat German Potato Salad (Kartoffelsalat):

We went to the Pergamonmuseum on the second day of Berlin travel, but I promise I wont post any boring museum pictures here. After climbing up the Pergamon steps we went to an Austrailian restaurant and drank our first German beers! (Mine was actually British... whoops).
On the next day (I think), we decided to go to Checkpoint Charlie. WRONG! The line in the museum was terribly long... so we walked past it and went to a less popular museum instead. I am only a little upset about this because I DID get a picture of me with one foot in East Berlin and one foot in West Berlin:
On that same day we also made it to the East Side Gallery (the remaining kilometer or so of the wall that is full of political artwork). Some guy was nice enough to take our picture without running off with my camera:
For dinner we went to Pratergarten! It's a beer garten and restaurant that was near our hostel. I am still drooling over the food 3 days later. This place was your quintessential German shebang.

On a side note, there were 3-4 year old children riding bicycles without training wheels on the playground at the beer garten (yes, a playground at the beergarten). I found these children quite talented!

I'm getting lazy now so all I'm going to say for this picture is that it's in front of the Berliner Dom on some grass.

The End!

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