07 September 2009

A Very American Labor Day Weekend

One week from today, should all travel arrangements go as planned, I will be boarding a plane in Washington DC... destination PARIS.

This weekend was, on my part, quintessentially American, and in an effort to avoid packing I am going to write ALL about it.

On Saturday my brothers and I went to the opening UofM football game against Western Michigan. It was a blast. UofM killed Western 31-7, the weather was gorgeous (as always on that first football Saturday), and we took a lot of fantastic pictures thanks to that 10x zoom on my camera. Next weekend I'm taking Ryan to the Notre Dame game at the Big House! Go Blue!

On Sunday we traveled to Lansing for Connor's belated b-day dinner. (I'm not sure if that is a uniquely American activity, so I apologize for the lack of consistency in my blog). ANYWAYS... I then drove to Grand Haven to attend Ryan's going away party with his family and ate a lot of delicious peanut butter brownies (certainly unavailable in France).

Though I'd have to say that the most American meal consumed this weekend was my 4:30 dinner on this fine Monday afternoon. Well first I wandered into the kitchen and began munching on Ruffles potato chips before scooping myself an extra large bowl of mint-oreo cookie ice cream (yes, it does exist). Of course, I felt somewhat unfulfilled after this sugar rush so I microzapped a single serving frozen pizza which I consumed with a side dish of Wendy's french fries and Heinz tomato ketchup. To top it all off, I washed my meal down with a nice cold Coca-Cola straight from the can.


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