04 October 2009

Dear friends,

Show me some love and write me some comments.


  1. hahaha! Love it. I feel the same way but just wasn't gutsy enough to ask for comments. I mean, I think my blog is pretty darn good, but comments are very low.

    Great blog Courtney! Are you primaire, collège or lycée? I start observation on Tuesday. Bon courage!

  2. Hi Courtney, I love reading your blog. You really are a great writer. Very entertaining. Hope to hear much more about your students and projects you are working on. Good Luck, have fun with the kids.What age are they? More pics please.............you know I love pics.

    Have a wonderful time. Cindy

  3. Dear Courtney,

    Now whenever I see the lace museum (and mind you, downtown is small, it is hard to miss) I think of you.


  4. yay i found your blog! definitely would have liked to hear more details about krista and jessie coming. xoxo slapslap-ANON haha

  5. dear slootastic,

    your request will be processed. thank you for participating.

    stay classy!