01 October 2009

V_ LT_ _R_

Yesterday I learned that only the rejects of the French population play "La Roue de la fortune!"... the French translation of "Wheel of Fortune". There's a Vanna-like woman and everything.

When I turned it on I figured it was just another French tv game show that I wouldn't understand. And considering the fact that I fail miserably at the American version, I wasn't really expecting to understand any of it.

So the clue for the first round is "écrivain" (author), and the board says "V_LT_ _R_". Everyone playing the game seems completely distressed. Seriously? Now I would never claim to be a French literature guru, but seriously?

"It's VOLTAIRE, you fools!" I shouted at the screen.

On the next round the contestants all failed to remember the first name of the artist Monet. "Is it Jean?" one of the girls asked in French.

I think I'll be watching this show more often.

Oh, and today I had my first day of work.

1 comment:

  1. Except the Vanna type woman is TERRIFYING.

    I've become a devoted watcher of the show too... Oy.