03 October 2009

Orientation and French TV

I suppose on this Saturday morning I could take some time to make a record of what I actually *officially* came here to do... and that is teach English to Frenchies.

Though I have not yet taught a class or even been to my school, I did have orientation on Thursday and Friday which went well except for the whole getting ridiculously lost in the suburb of Evry thing. No big deal... I was with 2 other girls (because getting lost in a group is somehow more comforting than getting lost alone), and we eventually made it to our orientation.

At orientation we filled out a ton of paperwork, took a long lunch break, and then learned some more about our job. On the second day of orientation we basically did the same thing. I met lots of other assistants and they are all quite nice!

Last night Francois and I watched the French version of Next-- you know, that horrible dating show on MTV? Yeah, they have a French version. I realized that if I can grow to understand what people are saying on that show I will be very impressed with my French comprehension skills. Then we watched the French version of Survivor, which is actually called something else but is JUST LIKE SURVIVOR. Unfortuantely my man Freddy was voted off the island.

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