22 October 2009

Lunchtime at JM

Start time: between 11:45 and noon

  • First comes some sort of salad dish.

  • Lunch consists of some sort of meat, egg, pasta, or other main dish with vegetables and is eaten with a piece of bread (always a baguette). The bread is always set on the table rather than on the plate.

  • Fork in the left hand, knife in the right. No switching!

  • Water is the only beverage consumed while eating and is poured into tiny glasses.

  • Constant chatter-- complaints about parents scheduling doctors appointments during school and the like.

  • Finish up that bread with a piece of cheese and wipe up your plate.

  • Done with food? Time for one out of two daily yogurt servings. Natural with a packet of sugar tossed in or vanilla flavored. Activia is the most popular. Go digestive system!

  • Now for the fruit. It's October so I see a lot of clementines, pears, and apples... bananas too.

  • Everyone has a yogurt and then fruit. I ate my banana before my yogurt and received weird looks.

  • Lunch is done, time for some coffee or tea! Oh and a piece of chocolate... hooray!!!

End time: 12:30... still an hour left of lunchtime!


  1. come on you dont eat your fruit first.saylavie

  2. COURTNEY - the small water glasses kill me. I am a Nalgene girl. Their water glasses are like a sip of water to me. Honestly, how do these people stay hydrated?!?!

  3. I don't know, but they do! I must find out their secret...