19 October 2009

Lille: take one

This past weekend I rendered a visit to Ryan in Lille, France! I left Paris by train on Friday at 4:30pm and arrived in Lille at 5:45. I was welcomed by Ryan and a sea of black pea coats.

Here are some pictures from the city on Saturday:

Ryan's chicken and curry sandwich

My chicken sandwich! The first time I've eaten chicken in over a year. SO GOOD!

Sitting by the fountain in Lille

Walkin' around town

A cute flower shop

At an international organic farming market

Drinking tea and cappuccino at an adorable salon du thé in Lille

More to come later about dinner in Belgium!

1 comment:

  1. I dig your purse little lady! I miss you and Ryan! I just read about you eatting the chicken and didn't think anything of it and then I scrolled back up and pointed to the picture and yelled to melis, "COURTNEY ATE CHICKEN!" Love you blueberry.

    (Mom's drunkish)